Via ferrata - Mountain Sports Center

The Tegelberg Mountain Sports Center offers a wide range of activities for all mountain sports enthusiasts. Nature and sports enthusiasts will find their individual summit experience on the well-maintained, alpine via ferrata with varying degrees of difficulty. The GelbeWand-Steig is - with instructions from professional mountain guides - also excellently suited for “experiential education” and “therapy climbing”. The Tegelberg Mountain Sports Center was created in 2010/2011 as part of a Leader+ funded project of the municipality of Schwangau.

At the Mountain Lodge information building next to the Tegelbergbahn valley station, interested alpine sports enthusiasts can try out via ferrata climbing. Via ferrata sets can be rented from Armins Sporthäusle in Schwangau (phone +49 (0) 8362 81198, or from Nordwand Sports Füssen (phone +49 (0) 8362 9299650, The small training facility at the Mountain Sports Center is perfect for first attempts at via ferrata climbing and offers ideal training conditions. The climbing rock with suspension bridge for children and the slackline park round off the facilities at the mountain base. The information building is also the starting point for guided tours by regional mountain guides.

1. Via ferrata - "Gelbe Wand"

The integrated via ferrata educational trail includes all the essential training for proper behavior on a via ferrata. The via ferrata can be reached from the Mountain Sports Center at the Tegelbergbahn valley station via the hiking trail signs “Gelbe Wand Steig”. At first, the trail leads over slabs. We leave the entrance to the Tegelbergsteig to the left and cross the striking gorge between Gelbe Wand Schrofen and Torschrofen. Here you will find a rope bridge that can only be accessed with a via ferrata set. After the gorge, the route goes up to the Täfelesattel in switchbacks, and shortly after we will meet the hiking trail that connects to Marienbrücke. From there, continue to the Tegelbergbahn mountain station.

Difficulty level: A
Wall height: 600m
Via ferrata length: 400m steel cable, several walking passages
Exposition: North
Climbing time: 2 hours

2. Via ferrata - "Tegelbergsteig"

The demanding via ferrata with difficulty level C branches off halfway up the Gelbe Wand and begins with a vertical metal ladder. After that, traversing passages, intersections and slabs alternate until you reach a bench with a wall journal in the vertical rock face. Then the route continues through the northeast walls of the Gelbe Wand Schrofen up through a large chimney, past a rock window with a view into Gelbe Wand to the exit of the trail, from where, after all this effort, you once again have a wonderful panoramic view across the Schwangau landscape towards the peaks of the Ammergebirge. Via wooden ladders - to protect the vegetation - down to the Gelbe Wand Steig and then up to the Tegelberg mountain station.

Difficulty level: C
Wall height: 500m
Via ferrata length: 1000m
Exposure: North/East
Climbing time: 2.5 hours
Special features: Directional trail

3. Via ferrata - "Fingersteig"

The Fingersteig is an advanced via ferrata with difficulty level D and aims to appeal to ambitious and experienced via ferrata climbers. The approach is from Tegelbergbahn mountain station along the ski slope towards the Rohrkopfhütte. After the “Grüble”, we turn left and leave the ski slope to the left after passing an old hut on an alpine trail to the entrance on the north side of the “Finger”. We continue through the vertical walls of the Finger from northeast to southwest to the Fingersattel, where you can find an inviting bench. From there, we hike in challenging terrain under the Täfelewand and then up again over steps through the vertical wall sections, until we reach a very exposed traverse with a beautiful view of the Tegelberg. Follow this trail, and with a short steep ascent you reach the Täfelegipfel. From there, descend to the south onto the hiking trail to Tegelberg.

Difficulty level: D
Wall height: 250m
Via ferrata length: 400m
Exposure: North/West
Climbing time: 1.5 hours
Special features: Directional trail

Safety and risk management

The via ferrata routes at Tegelberg all have an information board at the entrance that contains important information about the respective via ferrata route. In addition, there is a personal risk check at the Tegelbergsteig and Fingersteig via ferrata, which should absolutely be observed. It happens again and again that via ferrata climbers misjudge themselves and their abilities. Costly rescue operations are then necessary. The rescue system in every via ferrata consists of number boards with an emergency number for mountain rescue. This way, the exact location for an accident can be provided.