Flying at Tegelberg is a highlight for every paraglider pilot. The flight schools licensed at Tegelberg offer paragliding courses as well as tandem flights for those who want to “get a taste” of the high-altitude air. The colorful gliders in the bright blue sky awaken many a longing...

Hang gliding

Hang gliders have been flying from Tegelberg since 1973. The development of the Tegelbergbahn is closely interwoven with hang gliding. Pioneers such as Mike Harker and Jos Guggemos have flown here and have shaped the sport of hang gliding in Germany. National and international championships have been held at Tegelberg and have made this unique flying area known to pilots all over the world.

Flugschule Tegelberg

87645 Schwangau
+49 176 61563504
+49 8362 – 8 17 91







Yvonne Dathe u. Thomas Ide
Am Alten Garten 21
87642 Halblech
Mobil 0049 160 91469082

FLY Royal Paragliding

David Maier & Denis Maier GbR
Sefreweg 5
87459 Pfronten
+49 160 90339682

1. DAeC-Gleitschirmschule

Heinz Fischer GmbH
Osterreiner Straße 2
87669 Rieden
Tel. 0049 8362 37038
FAX 0049 8362 38873


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